YAACOV DARLING KHAN, 6.-11.4. 2021, Czech Republic
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PREREQUISITES: Please list relevant workshops with dates/teachers’ names // PREREKVIZITY: Uveďte absolvované workshopy s datem a jmény učitelů *
How long have you been studying Movement Medicine or other related work and with whom? // Jak dlouho studujete Movement Medicine nebo jinou podobnou praxi a s kým? *
Are you currently taking any medication that will influence your participation in a workshop? // Užíváte v současné době nějaké léky, které mohou ovlivnit vaši účast na semináři? *
Please disclose any illnesses or impairments that might be relevant to your studies, and indicate the adjustments that would assist you. // Uveďte všechna onemocnění nebo poruchy, které by mohla být pro vaše studium relevantní, a uveďte úpravy, které by vám mohly pomoci.
Your reasons for wanting to take part in this workshop: // Důvody, proč se chcete workshopu zúčastnit
Anything else you would like us to know about you at this time in your life? // Ještě něco, co byste chtěli, abychom o vás věděli v této době vašeho života?
I have read and accept the Booking Conditions pertaining to this workshop. I am aware that this workshop involves intensive physical activity in which there is an element of risk of injury. I take full responsibility for my own participation and physical, emotional and mental well-being throughout this workshop. I also understand that I am participating in this workshop for my own personal benefit and that this workshop does not equip or qualify me to teach any of the material offered.I agree to arrive on time for the workshop and to stay until the end; to attend all sessions and to arrive on time for them; not to drink alcohol or take recreational drugs throughout the time of the workshop; and not to be violent to myself, other people or anyone’s property during the workshop. // Přečetl(a) jsem a souhlasím s podmínkami účasti tohoto workshopu: *
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