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#1 Relaxed and casual- think denim, cool sweatshirts, fun necklines, but everything is super-cozy and easy to wear.
# 2. Put together, on the casual side- You want your items to dress up and dress down. You can get away with wearing dark denim to work or a chic denim skirt in a dark wash. You want tops that you can wear with slacks during the week or denim on the weekends.
#3. All about business- it's important that you are professional at work. It's a huge plus if you can wear some of your clothing on the weekend, but looking professional is most important.
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Is there anything else we should know? Take this time to explain specifics of what you're looking for. Otherwise, we'll send you a variety of items we think you'll love. (ex: I can wear jeans to work. These are the colors I love/don't love on me. Please no animal prints etc)...
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We recycle boxes when we can, but some folks want a new box. Which is your preference?
To ensure the security of your credit card, we will call you for the card number. We make a charge for $100 before we ship any items, and apply this amount to purchases, refund the difference, or refund half of it if you don't keep any items. Please indicate the best time for us to call. *
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. We will select items we think you'll love based on this questionnaire. If you have shopping history with us we use that information as well. Only keep what you like and ship back the rest (shipping is free both ways). We ask that you ship back unwanted items within one week of receiving them (the postmark should be within one week of receipt). If we don't get items back within this time frame you are responsible for the cost of these items. Rest assured we will attempt to call or text to find out what's going on before charging you. If you choose to keep nothing in the box we charge a $50 styling fee. By saying yes you agree to the terms of this contract. *
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