Hurry My Harvest Freedom Act
This Form Causes Restitution and Repentance to America Up To 80 Million Signatures. Sign Below!
The Old World Bank's Original Mandate was to Get Rid of Poverty.
They Took that to Mean Get Rid of the Poor and are in an Infinite Debt Default.
The New World Bank will Accomplish this Goal of Eliminating Poverty Correctly by Paying the Poor Monies.
The Old World Bank's Only Claim to Fame is Conquering, but You Are More Than a Conqueror.
We are Lobbying for Payments to Occur During Tax Season 2021.
We Will Direct Deposit or Mail You a Check.
**Special Update to North Carolina: We Have Become Chairman for Harvest Freedom Bank of North Carolina Pursuant to the
Praise Salvation Development President Temporary Program
Is Your Family History Rooted in North Carolina? *
Are You a Descendant of Slaves in America's History? *
Are you a Descendant of Autochthonous Holocaust in America's History? *
Are you a Descendant of Abolitionists in America's History? *
Are you a Modern Abolitionist in America? *
You have Been Publicly Advocating for Reparations and Other Reforms About Oppression in America
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By Submitting this Petition, You:
1. Are Agreeing to Expediting Harvest Freedom Act
2. Are Allowing the Author of this Act to Chair the Harvest Bank [Former Chase Bank Miami] in Order to Administer the Funding to the Petitioners Incorruptibly
3. Have an Unalienable Right to Restitution in the Form of Direct Payment among Other Remedies
4. The Information you Provided in this Petition is True and Accurate.
5. You Give Permission to Contact You with Promotions and Updates.
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