LoveFit 2019 Trader Application
LoveFit 2019 - 20-22 July

Thanks for taking the time to apply to trade at LoveFit 2019, this form will take around five minutes to fill in and will help us quote you as quick as possible. We will strive to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Power Requirements *
Main meal & Drinks traders receive one 16 amp feed with their pitch. Please state your additional requirements here. Note that all equipment using an electrical source should be PAT tested. Traders will supply their own distribution from any end point supplied by Lovefit festival. Reasonable circuit protection is the responsibility of the trader and LoveFit festival cannot accept any responsibility for damage caused by electrical failure.
We ask all our food and drink traders to help cater for our volunteers. Please confirm that you are willing to accept food vouchers? (Paid for by LoveFit @ £3) *
How do you feel your stall fits in at LoveFit? *
Please remember we are not just after health food. One of our survey respondents was quoted as saying 'more carbs!'.
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Is your trade stand working toward sustainability? If so, how? *
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Is there anything else we should know?
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By submitting this application please confirm that you have the relevant and valid Public Liability insurance and Health & Safety Certification required to trade to the general public. Please note that Lovefit Festival requires copies of said items prior to any agreement to trade being made.
LoveFit disclaimer
All equipment belonging to traders is the responsibility of the trader. It is also the requirement of the trader to provide the correct protective equipment (i.e working fuses and circuit breakers).

LoveFit Festivals are not responsible for any damage caused by the incorrect use of the equipment or power spikes where no circuit protection is used.

It is the responsibility of all traders to provide the relevant public liability insurance and heath and safety certification.

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