Book Layout Design Project Questionnaire
Please answer the following items thoroughly to ensure the project meets or exceeds your expectations.
Please make sure to complete all these items and send any necessary attachments in an email to

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What is the Client's name? *
What name(s) will appear in the book at the author(s) (use exact spelling as it will appear in the book)? *
What is the email address for the Client? *
What is the PayPal billing email address (if different from Client's Email)? *
Note: this is for billing invoicing of the retainer and the final balance.
What is the exact title of the book? Include subtitle if necessary. *
What is the genre for the book? *
What book formats are you requesting? (select all that apply) *
What is the desired deadline for the project? *
NOTE: Every effort will be made to meet your project deadline, however extremely short deadlines may require additional charges. Actual delivery date will depend on current workload, requested changes, and number of edits required.
Do you have any font style preferences, such as for branding consistency? If so, please validate it can be used for commercial purposes and provide font file to the Designer in an email ( If you have no preference, please type "No Preference". *
Specify the height and width trim sizes for the print versions of the book if applicable. If not applicable, type "N/A". *
Unless otherwise specified, standard sizes are:  5"x8" paperback, 6"x9" trade paperback, and 6"x9" for hardcover. If this meets your requirements, select "standard size" below. If it does not, indicate your size requirements in the "other" space below.
What is the word count of your final manuscript? *
What is the word count of the front and back matter, including author notes, dedication, reviews, biography, and other text? *
What print service are you using for the production of your book? *
Note: We need to use the specifications of the print service you have selected to generate the proper file output.
Additional information: Thoughts, questions, ideas, references, etc. If nothing, type "N/A". *
How did you hear about us? *
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