Kilkenny Macra Hurling/Camogie Application Form
Kilkenny Macra na Feirme Hurling/Camogie Rules
It is the duty of the team contact to ensure all competitors are affiliated members.
If requested, a competitor must produce a current Macra na Feirme membership card.
All competitors and substitutes must be 17 years of age or over and under 40 years of age on the day of competition.
A competitor or substitute can only represent one team on the day of the competition.

Entry must be completed using the attached link, along with the proper entry fee and must be received by Wednesday 3rd April 2019. All details provided must be correct and form must be fully completed in order to compete.
Entries will be invalid if they do not include the team/participant contact details.

Competitors should maintain standards of safety when participating in competitions so that there is no danger to themselves or the general public. Competitors, who persist in unsafe practices, after a warning has been given by the Presiding Officer or referee, will be liable for disqualification at the discretion of the Presiding Officer.
All players must be in a fit state to play – no consumption of alcohol in the vicinity of the pitches or complex on the day of the competition.

and Late Arrival:
At sign in, prior to the competition, each competitor must sign in personally.
Teams arriving late for sign in, but within 15 minutes of that time, will be penalised as follows: One goal for each game in the Round Robin section.
Furthermore, teams who are not ready to compete when their match is scheduled will forfeit the individual game. A minimum of 5 players must be on the pitch in order for the match to proceed.

The top team(s) in each section of a Round Robin series will qualify for play-offs depending on number of entries.
In the event of the Round Robin series not producing an outright winner, score difference will be taken into account. (Score difference is the total of the goals/points scored in each match minus goals/points conceded in each match).
If score difference remains inconclusive, teams scoring the highest overall total goals/points will determine the group placing.
If the highest overall total goals/points still doesn’t determine the overall winner, the winner of the head to head game of the Round Robin series will progress.
In the event of an outright winner failing to emerge after the above, teams involved will have a 10-minute play-off.
Full hurling/camogie competition rules apply.
All players must wear similar jerseys with numbers on the back.
While guidelines for play are included in the rules section for each competition, these may be altered on the day of the competition to suit conditions.
The referee’s decision is final.

Macra Public Liability Insurance does not cover personal injury while participating in sports competitions.

Kilkenny Macra na Feirme reserves the right to alter, cancel, interpret or amend the results of the hurling/camogie competition at any time, without prior notice, and their decision is final.
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As the team contact you will be responsible for circulating the rules to your team and ensuring that they abide by the competition rules. Have you read, understand and agree that your team will abide by all of the rules of the competition as set out above? *
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