CVMS Re-submissions for ISPE - 2016/2017
Student First Name
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Student Last Name
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Student ID Number
This is found in Aeries or on any report card.
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Which period are you currently enrolled in ISPE?
Please note: The chosen activity cannot violate CIF rule 600.2.a (click here for reference). Also, a student CANNOT change to another activity at anytime during the school year.
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Name of the Program/Business you have enrolled in.
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17% of students in ISPE fail the Physical Fitness testing, whereas 3% of general PE students fail the test. Will the activity/program you are in prepare you for the Physical Fitness testing in the Spring?
Which criteria do you wish to qualify under?
Please note that #3 is for a small group of people. Most students will be looking at #1 and #2 for their choices.
In a brief statement, please explain how the program you are attending can "achieve different results" than what our general PE course is offering.
Use this section to differentiate what you do versus what we offer (ISPE requirement #2)
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