Wilsonia Village Emergency Notification System - Contact Information
Please provide name, cabin address and phone numbers that you would like to have called in the event of an urgent or emergency situation in Wilsonia. Note: If there is no cabin phone, please provide a phone number that may facilitate notification of a cabin user in the event of an evacuation or other emergency situation.
Cabin Owner(s) *
Cabin Street Name *
Cabin Address Number *
5 digit number beginning in 83 or 84
Cabin Phone Number *
a land line dedicated to the cabin (559) 335-xxxx. If none, enter "none".
Emergency Contact Last Name *
can be same as owner
Contact First Name(s) *
Emergency Contact Phone Number *
Other than dedicated cabin phone number. May list multiple numbers
Emergency Contact #2 Last Name *
Contact #2 First Name(s) *
Emergency Contact #2 Phone Number *
May list multiple numbers
Other information or contacts
please list and describe
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