2019 Matthew William Library @ FHS Library Service Learner Application
If you are interested in interviewing for a position as a 2019-2020 FHS Library Service Learner in the MWM Library, you must fill out this application and submit it by clicking the button at the bottom.

The application is due by February 15. Interviews with the high school librarians will be scheduled with individual students during February. You will be notified where and when to come for your interview. All interviews will be during the school day, and eighth grade interviews will be held at the junior highs.

A Bit About You
First name *
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Name I prefer to go by: *
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Last name *
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What grade will you be in next year? *
Your Talents, Experiences, Academics, & Attendance
Please enter your 2018 Fall semester grades for each class: *
You need at least a B average to be considered. Example: English - B, Geometry - C, Fashion - A, etc.
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Provide the first and last name of a current or former teacher who is willing to serve as a reference for you. *
It's a good idea to ask this person! We will email them a link to provide you a reference.
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Do you use any apps or software for your school work that you have discovered on your own (or that a friend, not a teacher, has shown you)? If so, name at least one.
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If you'd like, please share a link to a sample of work you have produced using digital technology.
This can be a flier, a presentation, a blog post... If you have questions about sharing a link, see your librarian.
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If you are an artist and would like, please share a sample of your work with us.
You'll need to share a link. If you need help doing that, see your librarian.
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Scheduling an Interview & Getting in Touch with You
Select your current school.
Select your current lunch. (8th graders only)
Select your A Day lunch. (current FHS students only)
Select your B Day lunch. (current FHS Students only)
Please enter in your class schedule with teacher names *
Example: 1st: English - Hall, 2nd: Agri - Laney, 3rd: PE - Deffenbaugh
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If you are currently an FHS student, tell us about any time that we could easily schedule an interview with you outside of lunch or A&E. Please do not include class periods during which you are enrolled in a for-credit class.
For example: I'm Ms. Mizanin's TA 2nd period. OR I don't have an 8th period class, but I can easily stay for an interview.
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Please provide a mobile number for us to text you an appointment for your interview time and date. If you do not want a text, we will email your appointment time to your school gmail address. *
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Mini-essay Questions
For the following questions, pay attention to the length requirements. Be sure to use correct capitalization and punctuation and to write in complete sentences.
In no less than three sentences, explain why you want to be a part of FHS Library Service Learning. *
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In no less than three sentences, how would you improve your current school library? *
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How would you define customer service? *
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In no less than three sentences, describe how you stay organized with your classes, homework, extracurricular activities, and personal commitments. *
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Please tell us anything else you want us to know about yourself.
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Other Stuff
Will you be taking zero hour next year? *
How did you hear about this class? *
Check all that apply.
I understand this course is a year long class and cannot be taken as a semester-only course. *
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