World of Reborns Research Questionnaire

Study Title: Stepping Into the World of Reborn Babies
Researcher: Emilie St-Hilaire, PhD student, Faculty of Fine Arts
Researcher’s Contact Information:
Faculty Supervisor: MJ Thompson
Faculty Supervisor’s Contact Information: Concordia University, Art Education, 1515 Saint-Catherines Street W, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Source of funding for the study: N/A

You are being invited to participate in the research study mentioned above. This form provides information about what participating would mean. Please read it carefully before deciding if you want to participate or not. If there is anything you do not understand, or if you want more information, please ask the researcher.


The purpose of the research is to understand the practices of Reborn baby collectors. Reborn babies have never been the subject of a focused academic research project and much remains unexplored and misunderstood about reborns.


If you participate, you will be asked to answer 5 questions about your experience with reborn dolls. You do not need to answer any questions you aren’t comfortable with. In total, participating in this recruitment questionnaire will take no more than ten to twenty minutes but you may take as long as you like to answer the questions.

Some respondents (approximately five people) will be contacted for a follow-up interview. This is why your name and contact information are requested. If contacted you may accept or decline to be interviewed.


Potential benefits include reflecting on your personal interest in reborns and having the opportunity to share your opinion about this often misunderstood topic. No foreseeable risks.


We will gather the following information as part of this research: questionnaire responses. Your name and contact information will only be used for the purpose of a possible follow-up interview. Your name will not be publicly associated with your responses or with this research project.

We will not allow anyone to access the information provided, except people directly involved in conducting the research. We will only use the information for the purposes of the research described in this form. The data collection is coded and will remain confidential on a password protected cloud storage service.

When results are presented your information will NOT be identifiable. That means it will NOT have your name or contact information on it.

We intend to eventually publish the results of this research.


You do not have to participate in this research. It is purely your decision. If you do participate, you can stop at any time. You can also ask that the information you provided not be used, and your choice will be respected. If you decide that you don’t want us to use your information, you must tell the researcher as soon as possible.

Researcher’s Contact Information:

There are no negative consequences for not participating, stopping in the middle, or asking us not to use your information.


I have read and understood this form. I have had the chance to ask questions and any questions have been answered. I agree to participate in this research under the conditions described.
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If you have questions about the scientific or scholarly aspects of this research, please contact the researcher. You may also contact their faculty supervisor. If you have concerns about ethical issues in this research, please contact the Manager, Research Ethics, Concordia University, 514.848.2424 ex. 7481 or *
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