IQ Survey 2017
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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you better. On the purpose of strengthening our cooperation and improving IQ products and service, please help us by taking a few minutes to fill out the form. We appreciate your efforts and hope to meet your expectations.
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1. Which products have you purchased from us? (Multiple choices) *
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4. Which part of support do you think needs improvement most for IQ?(Multiple choices) *
5. Which tool do you prefer using to contact us timely when facing product problems?(Multiple choices) *
6. Are you satisfied with IQBoard hardware products quality? *
7. Are you satisfied with IQBoard software performance? *
8. Are you satisfied with the solution from IQ technical team regarding after-sale problems? *
9. Which bothers you most when you seek after-sale support from IQ technical team? *
10. Are you satisfied with time for technical team to solve problems? *
11. Are you satisfied with manner of technical team? *
12. Are you satisfied with the repaired/replaced product quality? *
13. Are you satisfied with the provided overall solution? *
14. Please kindly tell us your suggestion or ideas on IQBoard products and services. *
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