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Feedback form for Purrfection~ Please fill out as many details as you can, nothing in this form is required because I don't like to pressure information from people but the more information you provide the better we can change the channel services to suit everyone and fix problems! :D

Please do not submit multiple responses! Contact Crymson to have your previous response removed so you can resubmit.

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Thanks for taking the time to do this, tell us a bit about yourself!
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Please use the name you used while visiting Purrfection! So we know who to PM for thanks. :3
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So, are you are booooooy..?
Go take your pills, Professor Oak.
What species might you be?
Pussies and Vixen's and Kitties, oh my.
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How long have you been visiting #Purrfection?
Are you a veteran or newbie! Did you know Purrfection opened 1st November 2008! :D
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