Accessibility Survey - Women & Non-Binary Forum
Please answer the following questions so Bike Pittsburgh can make The Women & Non-Binary Forum more welcoming and accessible for you and other people. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Note: Your name and contact information are required if your responses to the survey require a response from BikePGH

Any questions can be directed to Julie at or 412-325-4334.

If you have visual, hearing or cognitive impairments, would you prefer to sit in the front of the meeting room?
If you have visual, hearing or cognitive impairments, what is your preferred form of communication?
Do you have any questions regarding physical/spacial accessibility? Please describe.
ABOUT THE VENUE: The Forum will take place is The Ace Hotel. >>Entering the building: The wheelchair lift is on the side of the building and is self-operated and enters into the dining room. If you need assistance, please see someone at the hotel's front door. Elevators are located on every floor to travel up and downstairs. >>Inside the building: Activities will take place on Floor 1 (Gym) and Floor 2 (Ballroom) with elevator accessibility. All bathrooms are located on the ground floor including the Family Restroom which is ADA accessible and accessible by elevator. All floors are level for travel from room to room after arriving from the elevator. Seating will be a combination of table-rounds with folding chairs and theater-style seating with folding chairs.
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Do you need to bring someone to assist you in physically navigating the event space?
Do you need materials for the workshops available in:
Would it be helpful for you to tape the forum events for personal use?
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