"Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars" Vendor Village Application
PGAAMCC and Chocolate City Rocks presents: Underground Railroad Bazaar Under the Stars

Please Note : This event will take place across multiple days.

$75 vending fee for all craft and artisan vendors

$150 vending fee for food vendors. (All food vendors are required to have all necessary permits and insurances current and in good standing with County ordinances to serve the public)

Vending fees are per day, per vendor/vending company.

*Vending Application submission on-going*

The following dates are deadlines to be included in the November 15, 2019 "Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars" production.

UGRR Bazaar Vending Coordinator Contact: Valencia Jones - valencia@creativevisionaryevents.com and events@pgaamcc.org

UGRR Bazaar Operations Manager Contact: Anita Lolin = chocolatecityrocks@head-roc.com


"Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars and Winter Motherland are outdoor productions designed to operate in the cold, rain, and even in light snow.

Anchored in PGAAMCC’s outdoor pavilion, newly installed tents will protect shoppers and vendors from wind, moderate rain, and light snow weather events. There will also be ample heat sources to support a base level of comfort for everyone in the PGAAMCC outdoor pavilion.

Why have we gone through such extremes?

Our Ancestors, in their determination to realize their freedoms traveling the famed Underground Railroad kept going - through the cold, rain, and snow. We are honoring that commitment with Underground Railroad: Bazaar Under the Stars and Winter Motherland!"

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