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Trinity Christian Community Summer Intern Application
Applying for:
Date of Birth
Mailing Address
Church Name
Do you regularly attend church?
School Name, City and State
Grade Level (last grade completed)
Have you served in Summer missions, afterschool programs, or tutoring before?
If yes, where, when and in what capacity?
Indicate experience in the following:
Indicate any creative art skills you have (drama, mime, puppets, arts and crafts) and level of proficiency
Please list any and all instruments you play and indicate skill level
Indicate any sports you play and skill level
Have you used any of these skills in a ministry setting? If yes, how?
Do you speak a second language? Please list:
Are you a licensed driver?
If yes, are you willing to drive your car in for the summer?
What do you feel are your gifts and talents?
List 3-5 of your strengths
List 3-5 of your weaknesses
How do you think you would benefit the team? Hurt the team?
What are your passions?
Have you worked with Trinity Christian Community in the past?
What do you desire to accomplish this summer?
Reference #1 (Name/Phone/Relationship)
Reference #2 (Name/Phone/Relationship)
Reference #3 (Name/Phone/Relationship)
Any additional comments, questions or concerns?
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