Unite Summit Fall 2019 Survey
When we formed Unite Summit last year, we had three main goals:
1. Increase teacher retention and stability for our students
2. Improve student support services
3. Allow teachers to have an equal voice in important decisions that impact our teaching conditions

This school year, we are working to achieve those goals by:
Bargaining our first union contract (Collective Bargaining Agreement)
Building strong structures for input and involvement at each of our sites
Communicating with Summit families to ensure their perspectives and ideas are reflected in our work as a union

We want to make sure that the aspirations and concerns of both returning and new teachers are reflected in our work this school year. Thank you in advance for participating in our survey!

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Part 1: Bargaining Goals
Goal: Increase Teacher Retention and Stability for our students
Do you think working at Summit as a teacher is a sustainable job? *
What would make working at Summit more sustainable? *
Goal: Improve Student Support Services
Do you think our students currently have adequate support services? *
What student supports are lacking at your campuses that you would like to see added? *
Goal: Allow teachers to have an equal voice in important decisions that impact our teaching conditions
Do you feel you, as a teacher, currently have a voice in the decision-making process? *
Do you think the consensus process works as a way to make decisions? *
What ideas do you have to create a more effective decision-making process?
Do you have any other comments or ideas you'd like to share about these goals?
Is anything missing from these goals? Do you have other ideas or priorities?
Part 2: Building our Union
For our union to be successful, we all have a role to play. We want to know more about your skills and knowledge and how you want to help build our union.
In order to help us achieve our goals as a union, which would you be most excited to help with? *
Do you have any areas of knowledge or expertise that you would like to share with the bargaining team (for example, special education, teacher evaluation, restorative justice, etc)
I am most passionate about:
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