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By checking agree, you agree by these rules. You order may take up to 1 week to be fulfilled. There is a standard rate of .45 per switch without any films and .55 with films. If films are provided then the cost will be .50 per switch. You agree to pay shipping back residence. This is for international as well. Once the switches arrive, I will send a PayPal invoice stating the cost. There is a 4.25% charge for the PayPal invoice. This invoice will include First Class shipping. extra 5 dollar fee for Priority with USPS that includes 100 dollar insurance. (If your package is lost and you do not opt for insurance then I am not responsible). After filling out the form, ship out the switches to 733 Sterling Dr, Murphy Texas 75094. Once the switches arrive to my address with your name is when I will contact you. No need to contact me prior to the switches arriving. <3 If you have any comments or concerns, please contact madison@loobedswitches.com *
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