Grammar of the Internet
Answer the following assessment about how you evaluate the grammar of the Internet. Only choose one best answer. This will help guide my lesson planning.
Thank you!
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4. A URL:
5. A domain name:
6. A link allows you to:
7. What is the purpose of truncating a URL?
8. Search results between Yahoo! and Google are consistently the same?
9. In what ways does knowing the owner of a Web site offer clues about a Web site's purpose?
10. Why might you want to know when a site was last updated?
11. You can often recognize a personal Web site by looking for a _________________________ in the UTL.
12. When you are evaluating a Web site's accuracy, which of the following would you NOT examine?
13. Contemporary and up-to-date refer to:
14. What is the home page of a Web site?
15. Authority of Web documents can be determined by?
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