Buying ioox Tokens
To buy ioox Tokens send payment to following BTC, ETH and LTC address and fill this form with proof of transaction.

Token Details:

Token Name: ioox
Symbol: ioox
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
Decimals: 8
Token Contract Address: 0xf6923F7d96fc22c4b8010a865e41cF7edfB6379C

Send Your Funds To The Following Address:

Bitcoin: 3H9oaPaMnjx1856Zc5YUosrgyDMyvSgAQY
Litecoin: MAJpWCvPoCpsyvoySk3F9zJuYYNQGP1hkc
Ethereum: 0x12F68eB8a0A01d429686225f4541cC246288a545

1. Any fake transaction will be considered on Block List.
2. Buying orders reviewed twice daily.
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