Volunteer Application Form 志愿者申请表
Thank you for interested in volunteering with Chinese In Wales Association  (CIWA). Volunteers play a vital role in the communities. With your contribution you will not only gain valuable experience but also improve your CV. We will provide you with reference (Terms and Conditions apply) for your future job applications. You can get proof of service hours using Volunteering Wales platform.

感谢您愿意参加威尔士华人协会 (CIWA) 的志愿服务。志愿者在英国极为普遍,不仅给予了不同生活形态的体验,同时作为一名志愿者也将为生命提供更多意义,不论是否学生也可以为您的简历添上一份荣誉。华人协会也乐于为合格的志愿者在未来的工作申请或升学的机会上作为推荐人(受有关条款和条件限制)。服务时数证明可以在 Volunteering Wales 平台取得。
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Language skills
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Other langauge 其他语言 e.g. 廣東話, Cymraeg, etc.
*If you are involved with us as a volunteer and an emergency arises, whom should we contact?  如果您跟我们做志愿服务,但当有紧急情况发生时,您的联系人是:
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The information collected will only be strictly used in coordinating volunteering activities and  kept confidential. Photos/videos may also be taken during activities. Do you agree to be photographed/filmed?  以上收集的信息只会被用于安排志愿活动,并且严格保密。在活动过程中我们可能会拍照或摄影。请问是否同意被拍摄? *
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