CLBC Self-Screening Questionnaire for Sunday Service and other in-person programs 加略山證道浸信會主日崇拜及其他實體聚會 ~ 自我篩檢問卷
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1. Do you have any of the signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 2 days? 在過去 2天內你有下列任何新型冠狀病毒之症狀嗎? *
2. Have you been directed by a Federal border agent to comply with Federal quarantine requirements OR recommended by Provincial Health screening assessment to self-isolate (stay home).  你是否正按照聯邦邊境官員或安省公共衛生篩檢的指示在家隔離?  Please complete according to 請遵照: *
If answered YES to any of the above, please hold off on coming to church and stay home until end of self-isolation period.  如果對以上任何一項的答案為"是",請留在家中直至完成自我隔離。
*Please note that another screening is still required before entering chapel on Sunday.*  If you pass the self-screening, please wear a face mask while inside the church building, including chapel and hallways.                                                                          *崇拜當日, 在進入禮堂之前, 仍須再進行一次篩查.*   如通過自行篩查,請在教會室內範圍 (包括禮堂及走廊) 戴上口罩。  
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