Charis Circle/Charis Books Internship Application
If you are interested in an unpaid internship with either Charis Circle or Charis Books and More please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with additional information. You do not need to be a currently enrolled student to have an internship at Charis. The minimum age for interns is 13. There is no maximum age. Interns should ideally be available weekday afternoons/evenings. We do not currently offer weekend internships.
Name *
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What gender pronouns would you like us to use to address you while you are at Charis?
What is your ideal start and end date? *
Is this internship for credit? If so, who is your internship supervisor? *
School you attend (if applicable) *
Grade Level/Year in School (if applicable) *
Are you primarily interested in working with our non-profit programming arm (Charis Circle), our bookstore (Charis Books), or a little of both? *
Why are you interested in interning at Charis? *
School Major or Favorite Subject *
How do you identify with feminism? What does feminism mean to you? Are there other political/social movements that are important to you and your identity? *
Who are your favorite authors/what are some of your favorite books? *
What would you most like to learn from an internship? *
What are the types of jobs/tasks that you most enjoy doing? *
What are the types of jobs/tasks you least enjoy doing? *
Do you drive and have access to a car? (Not a requirement.) *
Are there any areas of study that you are currently pursuing/have pursued that you think you might like to apply in an internship setting (ie: if you have taken a class on economics and want to explore some online economic theories using our web sales data, etc)? *
Do you have any physical, learning, or mental/emotional health concerns (ex. arthritis, dyslexia, chronic illness, PTSD, chemical sensitivity, etc) that might be relevant to interning that you would like to share with us and are there any accommodations we could provide to make the space more welcoming and accessible to you? Charis does not discriminate on the basis of disability and this information is voluntary for you to share if you believe it is helpful for us to know to support you in the space. It will not impact your eligibility as an internship candidate.
Do you enjoy interacting/talking with people during larger events? *
Do you enjoy quiet or solitary tasks? *
Do you have any special skills or knowledge you would like to share (ex. good at drawing, love social media, good with kids, etc)? *
Are you comfortable using film/video equipment (and/or would you like to learn to film events)? *
Anything else you'd like us to know about you (including hours of availability, and number of hours you would ideally like to work at Charis)? *
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