Film and Media Survey
Hi! @jadewyton and @GultianoCharlie on twitter, here. We are currently trying to start an independant media publishing business (based around minority-inclusive film and animation) with aid from the NEIS government program. This program has us in a class for business management, and one of the important assignments we have is some marketing research! It's nothing too big, and is supposed to help us get a feel for our immediate audience and reach. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out this quick survey so we can know who we are reaching!

We have made questions that we think may be sensitive optional, so that you don't have to answer things that may make you uncomfortable :)

This survey won't be going on for very long, as our course is relatively short, though we're not sure exactly when it will be taken down!
What is you age group? *
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Do you require aids to watch movies/series?
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What is your preferred viewing quality? *
What would you expect to pay for an adult animated series? *
Around how long would you expect a single episode of an adult animated seires to last? *
Do you like cold openings? (Short scene before opening credits) *
If you enjoy a movie/series, do you look up the studio to find more content? *
Is there anything specific that you enjoy seeing in movies/series?
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Is there anything you avoid in films?
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