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Enter your goals and food preferences, a personalized meal planning will be made for you. To give you an idea of our meal delivery program, here is the
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What are your beauty goals?
If improving energy is your goal, when do you feel low energy?
If you have any beauty goals, what have you been using so far for your beauty goals and how are those solutions failing to help you?
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What are your favorite lunches?
What are your favorite soups?
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What are your favorite sweet snacks?
What are your favorite salty & spicy snacks?
The food and drinks are delivered in recyclable glass containers. Glass containers are used to protect any chemicals seeping into your food that causes diseases. The holding deposit for the class containers is $50 (following containers are glass containers : breakfast, lunch, soup, salad, cold pressed juice, probiotic, tea, 6 water bottles- total 13 containers in a day along with 2 bags. We allocated 2 sets for each customer) The holding deposit is returned at the end of your meal deliver service. If there is any damage for the glassware or the bags the amount for those damaged items will be deducted.Below is the link to pay the container deposit. Once paid mark the check box for paid.
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