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Winona Area Youth Hockey Association Grievance Form

If a member has a grievance against another individual, unless the grievance falls within SafeSport mandatory reporting, a 24 hour cooling off period is required.  If this is a SafeSport issue, please click the WAYHA SafeSport link below.

Minnesota Hockey SafeSport - https://www.minnesotahockey.org/safesport

Parties involved should put try to resolve the grievance themselves.   

   Time Frame                     Recommended Action
   Day 1 (First 24 Hours)    Talk to player / child
   Day 2 (Next 24 hours)    Contact coaches about issues/concern
   Day 3                                 If no acceptable solution has been reached, contact board via this form

On day 3 or later, if there is no change in the issues/concern
  • State the grievance in writing by completing this form.
  • The board SafeSport Committee consists of three or more board members and will evaluate the grievance.  If the grievance is found to be without merit, the case will be closed  
  • If the SafeSport committee concludes that the grievance is with merit, the Safesport committee will recommend appropriate action to the Board of Directors. Further action, unless defined specifically in the WAYHA handbook, or the USA Hockey SafeSport Program handbook, will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors, by a majority vote  
  • If the grievance directly involves a board member or board member’s child, that board member will excuse themselves from the grievance committee and fact finding process  
All parties involved in the grievance will be notified of the findings and actions taken by the Board. 

The grievance investigation, involved parties, findings, and any disciplinary actions, will be kept confidential, where possible   

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