Scientists are humans during COVID
COVID has forced all of us to work in new and different ways. We're writing (at least one) article about how it's affected us in terms of teaching and research - if you'd like to contribute anonymously, then please fill in this form. If you want to write a longer form piece then we'd also love to hear from you - get in touch using

This is an entirely optional, informal means of sharing your ideas and experiences. All questions are optional.
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Do you have any caring responsibilities?
What country do you work in?
If you teach, will you be teaching in-person this term/semester?
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Thinking about this time last year, was your teaching workload
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Thinking about the coming teaching term, will your teaching workload be
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Thinking about other aspects of academic work... We're intereseted in whether various aspects of work are taking more time or less time now many of us are working partially remotely
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Teaching administration (e.g. exams, marking)
Research admin (journal editing, grant management, reviewing etc.)
Equalities work
Pastoral care
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What aspect of work did you miss most during lockdown?
Tell us about your experiences of doing research during COVID
Tell us about your experiences of doing teaching during COVID
Are you happy with the safety precautions in place with respect to COVID at your institution?
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