Exeter Borough Community Survey
Exeter Borough in conjunction with Exeter Proud is in the process of preparing a Strategic Comprehensive Plan to provide guidance to our municipal officials over the next 10 years. As part of this effort, we would like to gather public opinions so we can identify the critical issues facing our community.

The due date for responding to this Community Survey is July 31, 2018. Thank you.

Please visit Exeter Proud at:

Meetings are at the Exeter Borough Building on the 3rd Monday at 7:00 pm

1. I have been a resident of or property owner in Exeter Borough for;
2. How many people live in your home on a regular basis?
3. The average age of the residents within your household is;
4. My primary place of residence is a;
5. In the last 10 years, quality of life in Exeter Borough has;
6. In your opinion, what is the most vital issue facing Exeter Borough?
7. What is the most valuable community asset within Exeter Borough?
8. What would you consider to be your favorite park, recreation facility, natural feature or open space area within Exeter Borough?
9. Would you favor a tax increase or special assessment fee to provide, maintain or enhance the local parks and/or recreation facilities within Exeter Borough?
10. How much value do you place on local police coverage in Exeter Borough?
11. What value do you place on fire prevention and protection coverage in Exeter Borough?
12. Would you favor a tax increase or special assessment fee to maintain and/or enhance emergency management service?
13. How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?
14. What is your opinion on the housing conditions within Exeter Borough?
15. Do you favor opportunities, like tax incentives, for commercial, industrial and/or institutional developments in order to enhance economic growth in Exeter Borough and improve the local tax base?
16. Do you support providing technical assistance and organizational support to promote revitalization, adaptive reuse and economic development opportunities within Exeter Borough?
17. Would you support a “community-driven” strategy where all residents are invited to meet regularly to exchange and suggest ideas for the future of Exeter Borough?
18. What types of businesses do you visit most often in Exeter Borough?
19. What non-residential use would you like more of in Exeter Borough?
20. How could our business district become more vibrant or appealing?
21. What community services need improvement?
22. In your opinion, the road system within Exeter Borough is?
23. How far do you travel to work (1-Way) on an average day?
24. Would you support the expansion of public transportation opportunities?
25. Non-motorized methods of transportation should be encouraged within Exeter Borough?
26. If a friend or relative visits you from out of town, where would you take them?
27. What would you like Exeter Borough to be known for within a regional market?
28. What event could generate community pride or recognition in Exeter Borough?
29. Have you attended an Exeter Borough Council Meeting? If so, how many?
30. What form of communication do you prefer in order to be informed of community events?
31. Are you familiar with Exeter Proud?
32. Would you be interested in attending informational classes/seminars at the borough building put on by professionals on subjects such as retirement, health issues, home safety, zoning, starting a community garden, improving our neighborhoods to name a few?
33. In order to revitalize Exeter, it takes more than seven people on Council. How interested are you to join with other concerned residents to strategize, design and implement ideas to re-energize our community?
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