(NO MORE ROOM) Taking the AMC 10/12 contests at Stanford in 2016
(UPDATE: January 26, 2016): Signins for 2016 are now closed. We will only be able to accept a small number of students from the waitlist, and there are already far more than that on the list. YOU MAY LEAVE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS HERE, to be notified about signups next year. BUT WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ADMIT YOU TO THE AMC B contests in 2016

(UPDATE: January 20, 2016) We now have waiting lists for the AMC 10A and 12A contests. We are full and if we are unable to
secure larger rooms, we will not be able to accept additional students.

(UPDATE: JANUARY 12, 2016): We have a waiting list for the AMC 10 and 12 B contests. at this time we do not expect we will be able to take additional students, but if there are substantial cancellations or we are able to move to a larger space on campus, then we may be able to take more.

(Updated: Dec 30, 2015). The Stanford Math Circle will offer the AMC 10 and 12 on campus to students who do not attend schools where the contests are offered.

We would like to make it possible for everyone to take these contests, but we do have limited space. Every year we fill up and must turn away students and yet many students who sign up wind up taking the contest at their own school. PLEASE read the eligibility requirements and VERIFY that your school does not offer these contests.

If you are uncertain whether your school participates in the AMC 10 or 12, you may consult http://amc-reg.maa.org/amc_external/SchoolSearchByZipCode.aspx , which will tell you if they participated last year or if they have already signed up to participate this year. Please do this before signing up to take the contest at Stanford. Be aware that some schools may sign up just shortly before the date of the contest. The best way to be sure is to contact the math department of your school.

It is possible to take the AMC 10 on one date and the AMC 12 on the other, assuming all other eligibility requirements are met.

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