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PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: Welcome and a big thank-you for taking this step to contribute back to the NTU Psych community! EXCITES

To avoid any technical issues, try to complete this form in one sitting. If you are unable to do so, ALWAYS copy and paste the content you have written on a separate storage space (e.g. Notes app) before you leave this page, so that you do not lose your work. You may complete this form on a smartphone or on a computer, but the latter may be easier.

This form was made for single entry submissions. If you want to submit multiple reviews, you may repeat the process with a new form. Alternatively, you can send them directly to me at Please note that this form is only accepting reviews for electives that are not already covered in the original post.

Thanks again and happy writing! Can't wait to hear from you <3
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e.g. Gwyneth Thong. If you would rather stay anon, put "-". Anon submissions may be delayed in posting.
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Enter course code and title e.g. HP3901 Cultural Psychology. IMPT NOTE: This form is only accepting reviews for ELECTIVES that are NOT already covered in the Psyccess post. (Please Ctrl-F and double-check so as to avoid disappointment)
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e.g. Y2S2, AY20/21
Workload/difficulty? *
e.g. medium/medium; high/low; or you can mess around like me and make a pun
What are your thoughts about the module? *
You may write in any way you like, and there is no word limit. Some prompts that you can use: what interested you about the module? Was there any notable events or surprises that you experienced? Was the module what you expected, and how was it similar/different from your expectations? Did you walk away with any new insights?
Describe the assessments in the module. *
Any way, no word limit. Recommendations: start by stating the assignments (state individual/group). It is OK if you cannot remember the exact weightages. Suggested prompts: What were the assessments about and what did you have to do? What skills did they assess? What did you think/feel when doing the assessments? Did they challenge you and how?
What are your tips for other psych students intending to take this module? *
Any way, no word limit. Suggested prompts: What worked for you? What might be some ways to improve on any weaknesses that you might have had?
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