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Please take the opportunity to be honest with how your section is operating, and let us know the good, the bad, and the places you know you want to improve! After all, that's what we are here for! If there is really nothing your section does well/bad, please write "N/A".- Just know we'll ask more questions later to get a better understanding.
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Knowledge of SWE; Building Membership; Finances; Fund Development; Strategic Planning; Administration and Operations; Publicity Communications; Effective Meetings; Leadership; Team Building; Tactical Planning; Conflict Resolution; Succession Planning; Professionalism in Your SWE Section; First Aid for Leadership Burnout; Challenges of Geographically Large Sections; Being an Inclusive Organization; Creative Problem Solving; Effective Communications; Managing Different Generations; Mentee Enrichment Training; Raising SWE Awareness in Your Community; Committee Chair Training; New Section Officer Training; Returning Section Officer Training; MAL Leadership Training; Region Officer Training. Currently only for Collegiate Sections: Active Listening, Event Planning and Advertising, Women in Engineering Panel, Hit the Ground Running
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