Flamingo Flocking - St. Luke Youth Mission Trip Fundraiser
Flamingo Flockings - $30 (please look for an email from Jacque Larson regarding payment)
Fill out this form and a few full-fledged, foxy and fashionable factions will flock a favored family’s or former friend’s facility with fabulous faux-feathered flamingos!
Fly a flock of fledgling flamingos to friends and families for a fourth of a fortnight.
Find fame. Force a funny. Or flame a feud.
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Sender's Phone Number (for when we get lost): *
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In addition, I would like insurance against Flamingo Flocking - $30
Fearing a flock of foul fowl befalling your family’s own front alfresco? Feeling faint? Fight the frustrated feeling of flummoxed forfeiture! Outfox and “defrock the flock” of flamingo flockers and fortify your farm or fort!
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