The Cycling of micro transactions can be used to create a Financial Clearing/Settlement system more egalitarian and become a real driving force for the economy.

(You) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (Someone), (Someone) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (The other one),...,(The other one) – [NEED TO PAY] ->(You)
You know what a graph is?
Would you be willing to pay your expenses with your income?
Would you be willing to use your income to offset your debt?
You have several payments to make but have not yet received. You would be willing to put them in a system (ADD TO POOL) where only your creditors - being registered - can accept / confirm your debt. Receiving both an email with the GUID / Transaction code agreed? "This information is visible only to the debtor and the creditor"
The system is always looking for cycles between the various transactions added to POOL. Whenever a circular transaction is created, because a value has been compensated between the various users, an email will be sent to the debtor and the creditor. Would you then be willing to accept the GUID / Circular Transaction Code created with amount paid or received and issue a receipt or accept receipt of its value?
Have a long-time customer, will be willing to share with him a value or % of the value of their (future customer's) purchases. Accepting any value he puts in POOL as a debt to himself?
You have a strategic provider, and you'll be willing to share a value or % of your revenue as a form of payment. Placing / Adding to POOL some amount as payment need to this Supplier?
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