CMHS Facility Use Questionnaire
Thank you VERY much for your interest in utilizing our facility. We hope to be able to welcome you, but need you to please answer the following questions, please. The answers are necessary to complete the Facility Use Contract required by Cabarrus County Schools and the Cabarrus County School Board. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Assistant Principal, Jackie Shomaker (

*Must be able to provide proof of insurance.
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Date(s) of event (Please list each date, not "every Saturday", etc. List each date facility use is desired, please.) *
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Number of and ages of participants
Description of Event *
Area(s) of Facility being requested: *
In-Kind Discount: Will you/your organization be purchasing/donating items for our school and/or will you/your organization be working to do something for our school? If yes, please elaborate on the specifics. (In-kind contributions include materials, equipment or services given without charge. In-kind contributions must be coordinated with and approved by the principal. Principals will obtain director approval as necessary. In-kind contributions of materials or equipment must be accompanied by receipts or documentation of value.) *
Is your organization one of the following? If so, check the appropriate box(es). [Cabarrus County Schools Board Policy Code 5030 Discounts] *
Will your organization be using a field for more than 2 hours? [Excessive Use Fee: Field(s) occupied for more than 2 hours in a day.] *
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