KickOff Seminar 2020 "Think equally"
Here you can register for our KickOff Seminar “Think equally” taking place in Csolnok/Tscholnok, Hungary from 10th February(arrival) till 16th of February(departure).

Registration extended until 16th of January!

The registration should be coordinated by your organisation and a contact person should fill in the registration for all the participants. As the number of spots for one organisation is limited, please place your first priority participant as the first one (2 participants per organisation plus one on the waiting list). If you are a supporting member, you come from partner organisation or don’t belong to any, please indicate so in the field “organisation”.

All participants are required to take part in at least four full days of the seminar.

Please note: If you are under 16 years of age, we must obtain consent from your parent or legal guardian to collect and process your data. In that case, please contact !
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