DuSable Museum Volunteer Application
***Upcoming opportunity!*** The Fall 2018-Winter 2019 Docent Training Program will take place on select Saturdays starting Saturday, December 15th. Fill out the application below and be sure to check off the box for "Docent" if you're interested in learning more about this training.

Thank you so much for your inquiry about volunteering at the DuSable Museum. Here at the DuSable
Museum of African American History, we have a lot of exciting events and volunteer opportunities in the
months ahead and we could use your help to make them a success. Only with the help of volunteers like you,
can we continue to operate the only institution in Chicago that is dedicated to preserving the history and
culture of Americans of African descent. As a volunteer your contribution is priceless.

Volunteers are essential to the DuSable Museum and are needed in many different departments. In
Education, volunteers assist visitors for various programs, workshops and serve as tour guides for groups. In
the Development volunteers are needed to staff membership tables at on-site and off-site events. In the theater,
volunteers serve as ushers and coat checkers at events, in concessions and at information tables. These are
just a few of many volunteer opportunities to choose from.

Come out and enjoy our terrific programs and help support our ongoing mission here at the DuSable Museum.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

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A copy of your current resume (if you do not have a resume, please submit a short biographical statement); your application will be considered incomplete without it.

If you experience any issues with the upload link below, please email your resume to dsmmembers@dusablemuseum.org and put your full name in the subject line.

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As a member of the professional unpaid staff at the Museum, I agree to:

-Commit to one year of service at the Museum, a minimum of 8 hours per month.
-Attend Quarterly Volunteer Meeting.
-Represent the Museum at all times in an appropriate and responsible manner.
-Be prompt and reliable in reporting for assignments, tours, meetings, and training sessions.

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