Application for Project Pride 2020 Group Executíf
Are you interested in helping us make Project Pride 2020 be the best Pride Konglig Datasektionen has ever been to? Apply here for the chance to be a part of the Management Team, or as I call it, Group Executíf!

You're allowed to answer in both English and Swedish.

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While the members of Group Executíf work together to make the project as grand as possible, there are 4 positions open to divide some of the workload and let people specialize in what they excel in:

- Resource: Logistics, responsible for all the material we need for the float, such as decorations, tables, water etc. Preferably someone with a drivers license, but absolutely not mandatory.

- Information: Responsible for all the information emails and advertising text. May also be the photographer during Pride.

- Design: Creates all the graphical designs for both the float and the advertisements. An interest and/or previous experience in animation is a plus.

- Economy: Keeps track of the projects economy.

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