Family Health Holiday - Survey
Family Wellness Camp
Research shows that during the last 3 decades, the prevalence of obesity has tripled amongst children aged 9-16 years. They are at risk from multiple chronic diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high glucose which are all in turn related to obesity. Furthermore, Stress and Depression are also on the rise amongst our children and unless we equip our children with the right tools, this can result in more complex problems in their adulthood.

Atmantan Wellness Centre, a pioneer in the wellness industry, is spearheading the concept of healthy family vacations. Our program, Family Wellness Camp, has been designed to introduce all members of the family (especially children in the age group of 8-14) to good lifestyle choices in a fun and relaxed environment.

Our team is gearing up to introduce the 3rd edition of the Family wellness Camp in the months of May & June, 2019. We would appreciate if you could spare 5 minutes to complete this questionnaire which will then help us put together a more customised program for your family.

Child Physical Activity Behavior
Has your child/children done any physical activity (running, skipping, cricket, tennis, etc.) in the past 7 days (last week)? If yes, how many times?
In the last 7 days, during their physical education (PE) classes, how often do you know of them being 'very active' (playing hard, running, jumping, throwing, etc.)?
In the last 7 days, on how many days right after school, did they do sports/ dance/ play games, etc. in which they were 'very active'?
Which one of the following describes your child best in the last 7 days? Read all five statements before deciding on the one answer that best describes your child:
Child Eating Behaviour
Please select the most appropriate response:
My child loves food
My child eats more when worried
My child has a big appetite
My child is always asking for a drink
My child eats more when annoyed
If allowed to, my child would eat too much junk
How many meals does your child have on a normal day?
Are you all vegetarians?
Do you think that your child has a balanced diet?
What to you, constitutes a balanced diet? (Select the suitable choices)
How many meals does your family eat together on a holiday?
Emotional Behaviour
Do you feel that your child is stressed?
Have you spoken to your child about how to deal with stress?
On a Holiday:
Do you agree that Holidays are a good time to introduce healthy habits into the family?
How much time does your child spend ingulging in physical activity during a holiday?
How would you rate the food that your child eats on a holiday?
How much time does your child spend on the device (cell phone, ipad, laptop, gaming consoles, etc.) on a holiday?
Does your family spend quality time together on a holiday?
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