RE Volunteer Intake Form 2019/2020
So, you want to make a difference?!?

Thank you so much for considering an opportunity to volunteer with our youth this year at Prairie.

My greatest objective as program director is to ensure that volunteering with our program is accessible for all.

We value the contribution that each person - regardless of age or experience - brings to our program and we can find a place for anyone!

Our families value the diversity of our offerings - which are only possible through an engaged community of volunteers!

In the past, volunteering may have seemed like a big-time commitment, but as more volunteers come on board, eager to share their passions and skills with our students, not only is the load made lighter for all, but our students and community benefit from the varied programming that we are able to offer when all are invited to collaborate and contribute.

Filling out this form DOES NOT constitute a binding agreement :) Rather, it simply shares a willingness to be contacted when a need arises and an understanding that each contribution is valuable and valued.

Your responses to this form will be compiled into a Google Sheet which will allow me to easily sort by preference to ensure that I can get adequate coverage for our students AND be respectful of the time and contribution of our volunteers.

Thanks everyone!
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