Planning next round of GV Community Exchanges
Following a successful pilot week of GV Community Exchanges where different community members shared their expertise and passions with others, including tea-making, documentary filmmaking, meditation, and deejaying, we’re ready to build upon this experience.

Through this short survey (link here: , we would like to get a better sense of the demand for these types of sessions, including what issues or subjects you’d like to see offered, what days/times work better for you, and the different time zones to consider when scheduling.

More importantly, we would also like to hear from you by soliciting ideas of sessions that you and other community members would like to lead. So if you have an idea of an online session that you can share with others, please add the idea in the form with a short description. We’ll try to make matches based on the requests from the community and what others are willing to offer.

Many thanks to all those that led a session and attending a session last week!


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