Hen Rescue Foster Carer Application Form
Thank you for your interest in fostering ex-battery hens for NSW Hen Rescue. We appreciate your commitment to our mission and hope we can work together to help more hens. Foster carers may look after hens for a day or a couple of months. They could mean the difference between a hen going to slaughter or enjoying a life of love, freedom and happiness.
Please complete the questions below then email photos of the foster animals' intended coop and daytime area to adoptions@henrescue.org and someone will be in touch with you to discuss the adoption further.
Name *
Email address *
Street address *
Suburb *
State *
Post code *
Phone number *
Will the above address be the animals' foster home? If not where will they live? Who will look after them? *
Are you over 18 years old? *
You must be over 18 to foster hens with NSW Hen Rescue. Or if you are below 18 we will also need to discuss with your guardian.
Are you vegan or vegetarian? *
Do you own the property where the animals would live? *
If you rent your property are you allowed to foster animals there? *
How many hens are you able to foster at one time? *
Do you have access to pet carriers to transport the hens? *
These are useful to take the hens to the vet or to nurse a sick hen.
Are you ready to foster hens immediately? If not when would you be able to foster? *
Are you able to collect the hens from Mount Colah, NSW (near Hornsby) *
It would usually be the morning immediately after rescue.
Do you currently have any animals living with you? If yes please tell us about them. *
If you already live with chickens, do you have a separate area where the foster girls can live during their stay with you?
If you do not currently live with chickens please tell us about your experience with chickens in the past.
It is not essential to have had previous experience, but you will need a willingness to learn.
Please describe the housing arrangements for the foster girls. Please describe if the enclosure is predator proof. *
Please describe both the night time coop and the daytime enclosure or garden, fencing etc.
Have the animals in your care ever been attacked by predators? If yes, describe the changes you have made to prevent this happening again. If no do you know of any predators in the area? *
Are you willing to transport hens to a recommended bird vet if necessary? *
Many vets have no experience with birds and some are not comfortable treating them so we are limited in what vets we can use
Are you happy to communicate with NSW Hen Rescue on a regular basis about the hens' health and progress?
Are you willing to care for high needs hens?
You will not be required to care for very high needs hens unless you tell us you would be open to doing so. Sometimes we rescue hens who need intensive nursing.
Are you able to take in roosters or any other animals to foster?
You are not required to do this, but please let us know if you are able to foster other animals such as roosters, ex-factory farmed rabbits, turkeys, ducks etc.
Please can you email photos of the hens' intended night time coop, day time enclosure, free range area and any separation (quarantine) area to adoptions@henrescue.org *
Once we have received the photos we will be able to process your foster application
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you?
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