Stop sharing The Light in Stroud
We the undersigned are residents of Stroud, Dursley, and other parts of Stroud District, and do not want to see The Light paper being distributed where we live. We have our own criticisms of the government’s approach to the pandemic. However, we are alarmed by The Light's use of the pandemic to push support for antisemitism, Holocaust denial and racist hate speech - as well as for denial of climate change, NHS-bashing, and other reactionary views.

You can read more about why at:

We are collecting names and email addresses with this form. The data you provide will be used to a) add your name to the public list of signatories and b) update you on our ongoing work to challenge the distribution of The Light locally. We will delete the records of email addresses as soon as it makes sense to do so.

To sign, please scroll past the list of names, enter your first name and surname, and email address, in the boxes provided, and press the button to submit. The list of signatories below will be regularly updated, but your name will not appear immediately - please don't worry, it should appear within a day.

Signed by 332 people as of 20th October 2022. In alphabetical order by first name:

Adam Biscoe, Adam Horovitz, Ade Blair, Adrian Oldman, Aidan Lee, Aiden Collins, Alan Bently, Alan Sage, Alex Long, Alex Raeburn, Alice Faith Murray, Alice Lewis-Butcher, Alison Cockcroft, Allison Cumberbirch, Amanda Sultan-Black, Amy Trustram Eve, Andy Christie, Andy Freedman, Andy Stayte, Andy Treacher, Anette Holtmeyer-Cole, Angie Hill, Angie Spencer, Anita Van rossum, Anja Rowston, Ann Fallows, Anna Bonallack, Anna Ryan, Anne Wood, Annie Franklin, Annie Johnson, Annie McKean
Barb Joy Shep, Ben Jones, Ben stewart, Bernard Wakefield-Heath, Bill Roberts, Bonnie Cicuttin, Brian Oosthuysen,
Carina Cooper, Carl Harrison, Carola Béhard, Carole Oosthuysen, Caroline Harmer, Caroline Motzfeldt, Caroline Richards, Catherine Jones, Cerian Smith, Charles Brimacombe, Charlotte Keen, Charmain Wilkinson, Chas Townley, Chris Fry, Chris Hey, Chris Moos, Chris Pickard, Christine Lee, Christopher Whittaker, Claire Penketh, Clare Griffiths, Clare Hudman, Cllr Beki Aldam, Cllr Chloe Turner, Cllr Christopher Jockel, Cllr David Drew, Cllr Doina Cornell, Cllr Robin Layfield, Cllr Steve Hynd, Corinna Chartier,
Dan Green, Dave Beaumont, Davey MacGregor, David Alcock, David Bullock, David Haydock, David Howells, David Hudson, David Inglis, David Kaspar, David Lodwig, David Michael, David Webb, David Whitfield, Dawn Hebron, Den Donnelly, Denise Needleman, Denise Nolson, Derek Ryden, Diana Basterfield, Dominic Thomas, Dominique Alterskye, Dominique Lee, Dr Natasha Wilson, Dr Richard W. Erskine, Drew Manley,
Elaine Sharp, Elaine Weaving, Elizabeth Bavister, Elizabeth Lee, Ella Hoskin, Emily Finch, Emily Hall, Emily McNair, Emma Louise Crofts, Emma Calcutt, Emma Dunn, Erik Wilkinson, Esther Carter, Eva Goddard, Eva Ward,
Felicity Warden, Finn Willmott, Fiona Ellis, Fran Barton, Fran Jackson, Francis Gobey, Frank Milum-Palmer, Fraser Dahdouh,
Gail Bradbrook, Gareth Kitchen, Garry Strudwick, Gavin Lindsay, Gemma Sangwine, Gemma Thomas, George Thomas, Georgia Owen, Gill Tavner,
Hannah Boss, Helen Bell, Helen Bojaniwska, Helen Brent-Smith, Helen Elliott-Boult, Helen Hart, Helen Pearce, Helen Weston, Hilary Burgess, HL Butler,
Ianto Doyle, Imogen Shaw, Ione Mako, Issy McDizzy,
Jackie Finlay, Jacky Martel, Jacqueline Stearn, Jagdish Patel, Jai Med, James Beecher, James Gumbrell, James Milroy, Jamie Baldwin, Jamie O'Dell, Jamila Gavin, Jane Augsburger, Jane Thomas, Jane Vernon, Jasmine Ghandour, Jason Conway, Jen Hoskins, Jennifer Horsfall, Jenny Kempson, Jenny Rose, Jeremy Green, Jill Cooper, Jo Bousfield, Jo Johnson, Jodie Calcutt, John Coutts, John Wimperis, Jolyon Buckle, Josie Cowgill, Joy Jackson, Jude Smith, Jude Stockwell, Judith Large, Julia Berg, Jyoti Felce,
Karen Doe, Kate Crews, Kate O'Grady, Katherine Gobey, Kathy Trevelyan, Katie Williams-Brown, Katrina Douglas, Kerry Longia, Kevin Cranston, Kiera Jones, Kirsty Hartsiotis,
Laura Hazelchild, Laura Jerram, Laura Rowan, Laurence Cox, Lisa Jones, Lisa Taylor, Liz Hope, Liz Terry, Lucy Felce, Lucy Savvidou, Luisa Senft-Hayward, Luke Inder, Luke Coleman, Lynn Haanen, Lynne Cain,
M A Marvan, Maaike Elliott, Malcolm Eva, Malcolm Parker, Mandy Bell, Margaret Jane Hobdell, Marina Marvan, Mark Coldrick, Mark Hewlett, Mark Rogers, Mark Stevens, Martha Sheppard, Martin Phillips, Mary Brown, Mary Holmden, Mary Omnes, Mat Stanford, Matthew Archibald, Megan Sheer, Michael A Gordon, Michelle Chatham, Michelle Petty, Mike Exley, Miranda Bursey, Miranda Pole, Miriam Yagud, Myfanwy Millward,
Nadia Novali, Nadine Smykatz-Kloss, Natalie Bennett, Natalie Davis, Natalie Lee, Natasha Josette, Natasha Wilson, Neil Buick, Neil Murfitt, Nic Hill, Nick Mills, Nicky Ferguson, Nils Agger, Nimue Brown, Norah Kennedy, Norman Kay,
Oisin Hayden Burrell, Olivia Raeburn, Owen Adams,
Paddy Beames, Pammy Michell, Paul Flinn, Paul Gibson, Paul May, Paul Roberts, Paul Shevlin, Paul Southcott, Paula Baker, Penny Scott, Peter Nightingale, Peter Seccombe, Phil Coysh, Polly Stratton,
R Pratt, Rachel Marlow, Rachel Postlethwaite, Raje Airey, Ralph Gale, Ray Holman, Rebekah Allan, Rob Green, Robert George Kettlety, Robin Collins, Rodda G Thomas, Roger Plenty, Romneya Robertson, Rosalinde Scott-Hodgetts, Rose Harwood, Rose Wordsworth, Rosie Eva, Rosie Wingate, Rowan Schofield, Ruth Schamroth,
Sally Brooks, Sally Pickering, Sally-Anne Wherry, Sam Morris, Samuel Jackman, Sandi Beecher, Sarah C Jones, Sarah Dixon, Sarah Kidson, Sarah Milkar, Sarah Steele, Seb Bacon, Shani Wills, Sharon, Sharon Gimpel, Sheila Orson, Shelley Rider, Shona Ward, Simon Jacobson, Stephen Baines, Stephen Podolski, Stephen Saville, Steve Hunter, Steve Jones, Steve Robinson, Steve Wilson-Copp, Sue Howell, Sue Oppenheimer, Sue Winward, Susie Long,
Tamsin Morris, Tanya De Leersnyder, Tara Zeal, Tarra Gilder-Rai, Terry Germaine, Terry White, Theresa Kinnison, Therese Benotmane, Thomas Brown, Timothy Kendall, Tina Cowan, Tom Berry, Tom Medcalf, Tony Mason, Tony Morris, Tosca Cabello - Watson, Trevor Hall,
Uta Baldauf,
Vicky Boroughs,
Will Parker

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