Precious Puppy Buyer Questionnaire
Potential buyers first steps to determine fit and readiness for a poodle puppy
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The number of family members in the home? *
If have kids what are the ages?
Is everyone in the family ready for a new puppy?
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Who will be the primary caregiver for the new puppy? *
Have you ever owned a dog before and if so what breed of dog? *
If you have owned a dog before how long did the dog live?
Do any of the following situations describe your current dynamic? (may check multiple)
Provide the Veterinarian that you currently use or that you would rise if you purchase a puppy? *
What groomer would you use if you purchase a Poodle puppy (Poodle require grooming every 4-6 weeks) *
Describe your yard *
Have you researched the Poodle Breed? *
What of the following are important to you? *
Puppy Preferences (gender) *
Puppy Preferences (Color) *
Have you ever entered a dog in AKC competition? *
Do you currently own a Standard Poodle? *
How long will your puppy be alone during the day? *
Have you ever house-trained a dog before? *
Will this puppy be an inside dog? *
Will you spay or neuter your dog? *
Do you understand the difference between limited and full registration? *
How many hours per day will you spend with your puppy on average? (Poodles are people dogs requiring time)
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Is it important to you that your puppy parents be Genetically tested? (our parents are Genetically Tested for your peace of mind)
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Would you want your puppy registered? *
I want my Puppy Genetically tested
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During the eight weeks with the breeder your puppy can be exposed to grooming tools and noises. Do you want your puppy prepped for grooming this way? *
Microchip my puppy? *
What questions do you have for the breeder?
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