Flat Track Fever 2019
Welcome to the announcer application for Chinook City Roller Derby's Flat Track Fever WFTDA recognized tournament!

Flat Track Fever seeks announcers to join us for three days of roller derby.

When: May 10-12, 2019
Where: Acadia Rec Centre, Calgary Alberta.

In 2019, Flat Track Fever will be co-hosted by Chinook City Roller Derby and Calgary Roller Derby and will offer WFTDA Sanctioned Games for the first time. FTF expects to offer a mixture of sanctioned WFTDA D2 Sanctioned games, Sanctioned and Regulation games between WFTDA teams ranked approximately 175-300, and non-sanctioned open gender games. FTF is a WFTDA Recognized Tournament.
2019 tournament head officials:

Tournament Head Referee: Kurz So Good
Tournament Head NSO: Mask Her Raid
Tournament Head Announcer: Daniella Ponticelli
Assistant Tournament Head NSO / Stats Lead: DxZone
Games Tournament Oversight: Jenn U. Whine

"All accepted announcers will be tasked to fill all roles as needed."

FTF is committed to increasing diversity and promoting access to sanctioned game play in Western Canada, and will seek to offer positions to qualified officials who have been disadvantaged from working sanctioned games due to geographic isolation, gender, race, or other factors.

Unless other arrangements are made, announcers are expected to be available for all three days of the tournament, but there is some limited capacity to adjust to special needs for scheduling. Questions can be sent to flattrackfeverofficials@gmail.com

We will be filling the position of Head Announcer as soon as possible and other qualified announcers beginning January 31st. All applications must be in by March 15, 2019. Early applicants will have a greater likelihood of acceptance, but not all positions will be filled until after March 15, 2019.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Tournament organizers via email at flattrackfeverofficials@gmail.com. More information can be found on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FlatTrackFever/

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