Islander登録 / Islander Registration
バーニングジャパン2019でSKY ISLANDのいち市民として率先してボランティアしたい人の為の登録フォームです。参加者ひとり1シフトをカバーして、パスポートとギフトを受け取ろう。
This form is for citizens in Sky Island who are eager to volunteer at Burning Japan 2019. We call them Islanders. Cover 1 shift and receive a passport and a gift.
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お名前 / Name
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バーニングジャパンに参加したことありますか? Have you ever participated in Burning Japan?
会期中に1人1シフト(4時間程度)担当するとしたらだいたいいつ頃がいいですか? (およそのアンケートであってシフト時間の決定ではありません)Around when would you like to take a 4 hour long shift? (This is only a survey, your shift is not fixed through this form)
会期中、会場内のシフト以外でも何かやってみたいですか? Are you interested in spending more time than a shift at the location?
登録ありがとうございました! / Thank you for your registration!



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Those who are interested in Rangering and DBK (Department of Building and Knocking off) will be contacted by Makibee or Mehyo.

As the time of shifts you entered above is a survey, it isn't fixed or final. Your shift will be set when you receive your passport on arrival at Ranger station. You get to choose a type of volunteer on whichever time schedule left on the board.

What type of fun work will be on the board? Can I reserve my shift beforehand? What if I get interested in Ragering or helping the build for DBK later on? It'll be all informed through "Islanders' newsletter". Keep in touch!!

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