IF 19 Letter of Interest - Constellation Philanthropy
Constellation Philanthropy​ is a community of individuals working together to improve early childhood
outcomes in Colorado. Constellation Philanthropy’s main vehicle for grantmaking is the Investment Forum, a
half-day of organization “pitches” and Q&A session that happens 3 times per year. Each member of the
Constellation community maintains complete decision-making control over their philanthropic dollars,
investing only in the opportunities that spark their interest.

To secure a pitch spot at a Constellation Philanthropy Investment Forum, the first step of three is for an
organization to submit a letter of interest outlining an idea that impacts the prenatal to age five population in
Colorado and is tied to a specific funding request.

For a more detailed overview of the Constellation Philanthropy investment process, please visit our website,
www.constellationco.org​, or reach out to Jen Rhodes, ​jen@constellationco.org​ with questions.

Investment Forum 19
Constellation Philanthropy works to support nonprofits who improve and shape the early childhood system
within Colorado through supporting innovative and pioneering projects.​ ​The COVID-19 crisis provides the need
for hope, creative recovery, and innovative improvements in how Colorado supports its future through the
strong development of its youngest residents and their families.

Constellation Philanthropy wants to be a part of this work to ​instill hope and seize on opportunity ​in the system
by focusing the next grantmaking session on scalable innovation, systems transformation, and empowerment
of bold, forward thinking leadership.

Constellation Philanthropy is now requesting letters of interest for our 19th Investment Forum in February of 2021!

Proposals best suited for success:
● Non-profit organization.
● Geared toward early childhood and related to the Colorado Early Childhood Framework focus areas of
family support, health & well-being, or learning & development.
● Clearly demonstrate a “why” with a clear ask from the community versus a top-down solution.
● Focused on populations with the greatest need throughout Denver Metro, although we consider
proposals throughout the state of Colorado-based on a clearly demonstrated need.
● Strong potential for scaling either up, out, and/or deep. [​McConnell Framework​]
● Able to communicate organizational and project goals surrounding ​diversity, equity, & inclusion​.
● In the range of $50,000 - $125,000 for one to two years.

If you are interested in applying for consideration for our process, please complete the google form linked
below before November 12th, 2020.​ If you are entirely new to our funding pipeline, we highly suggest
contacting Jen Rhodes for an introductory call before completing this form. You can do so by emailing

You will be notified of the successful completion of this form after submission and will be notified of your
application status on December 3rd, 2020.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this process or the form.
Jen Rhodes, ​jen@constellationco.org
Organization Name *
Organization Description *
Is your organization eligible for Colorado’s Child Care Contribution Tax Credit? (this is not a requirement and does not determine your eligibility for our process) *
Program Name (if different than organization) *
Project Name (if different than program or org) *
Why - Setting the Context *
Why is it critical that we pay attention to this issue?
Solution Proposal - Please include project goals *
How do the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion inform your work? How are they reflected in your overall operations and, more specifically, this request?
Ask Amount for Constellation Philanthropy ($$$) *
Project Budget ($$$) *
Please provide a very short narrative of how funds would be spent. (Max 5 sentences) *
Amount raised to date for this project ($$$)
If funds have been raised, please list relevant funders and their contribution ($$$):
Early Childhood Framework Focus Area(s) *
Review the Colorado Early Childhood Framework http://earlychildhoodframework.org/ What focus area does this project fall under? Project can fall under multiple focus areas, however, please be realistic about project scope; checking multiple boxes does not make project more competitive. Please check at least one of the boxes below.
Scaling Framework *
Review the McConnell Scaling Framework https://mcconnellfoundation.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/ScalingOut_Nov27A_AV_BrandedBleed.pdf What level(s) of scale do you feel this project will accomplish? Project can fall under multiple levels. However, please be realistic about project scope; checking multiple boxes does not make ask more competitive. Please check at least one of the boxes below.
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