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Terms of use: is a community of people interested in algorithmic performance or music making or music programming. We are specifically inclusive of those who have been been historically or structurally excluded from similar communities. We are a part of the ostatus/Mastodon fediverse, meaning we are one decentralised instance in a network of other communities.

Users here are strongly encouraged to promote their own creative projects and practice. Topically related posts regarding commercial products are allowed in moderation.

On this instance, users who harass others will be removed. We also take a strong stance against discrimination e.g. racism, sexism, ableism, antisemitism, homo- and transphobia and also xenophobic or violent nationalism. Such expressions make the site unsafe for other users, and in practice limit their freedom of speech. These rules are not up for debate on this instance. Arguments about their merit or minimisation of historically excluded people’s experience with discrimination will be removed.

The Public Timeline is considered an especially sensitive place. It is what new users see, and all registered users will see the posts published there. Moderators can exclude users from appearing in the public timeline it at any moment, without warning, permanently or temporarily. If you are excluded from the public timeline, you can still use all other features on the site just like any other user.

All graphic/explicit sexual material or gore must be tagged as #nsfw. Again, users are encouraged to promote their creative projects. Other posting of #nsfw material should be done in moderation. Noone should be tagged in #nsfw posts unless they have given prior permission.

Content that is illegal in the UK, France or Germany is disallowed, including: sexual depictions of children, holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism, or conduct promoting the ideology of National Socialism.

Doxxing, harassment and dogpiling are disallowed. Do not post the personal details on another user, continue communication with them after they ask you to stop, or try to get others to continue unwanted communication on your behalf. Additionally, users should be aware of and avoid accidental dog-piling: if a user sees a post they disagree with, they should click through the the thread on the original poster’s home instance to see if the point they wish to make has already been made and, if so, to avoid repeating it.

We endeavour to be a supportive and collaborative community. Users should respect each other’s boundaries. Should you push a boundary, please apologise and give the effected user some space. If a situation is escalating, please contact a moderator or an admin.

All content on is licensed with Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
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