South Valley UU COVID-19 Response: Volunteers
Please answer as many questions as possible. Thank you for your help!
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In which towns/areas of the Salt Lake Valley/Wasatch Front are you able to serve?
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Samaritan Fund
Please note that South Valley has the Samaritan Fund that can be used to reimburse people for things like buying groceries for others. Please indicate below the best way to reimburse you should this need arise. Further, we will be making more opportunities to donate to this fund shortly.
If you require reimbursement for your assistance, what's the best way to pay you? (Please DO NOT include any sensitive financial information here – answers like "cash" "check" "Venmo" "paypal" or other payment options we may not be aware of should be indicated)
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Any other information it'd be helpful for us to know? Other ways you can help that aren't listed above?
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