Spaceworks Community Access Rental Request
We are dedicated to developing spaces that reflect the needs of creatives, cultural workers and neighborhood residents. Community members and residents are invited to submit this application to host community-building, creative and/or cultural projects at Spaceworks.

Some examples of successful Community Access Rentals include:

-One-time or recurring, off-peak* creative classes & workshops
-Small-scale photography sessions and other creative projects
-Open rehearsals
-Mission-driven staff retreats
-Community meetings

Evaluation Criteria
Rental requests will be evaluated for the following criteria:


Equity & Inclusion
Our community access program seeks to provide space for underrepresented communities. Do you have a project that represents the identities or cultural practices of your community? Do you have a project that amplifies the voices of your community?

Community Vitality
We are dedicated to operating spaces that reflect the needs of neighborhood residents. Does the rental request take a leadership role in community organizing, community development and/or community art-making? Successful rental requests are committed to providing platforms and resources for artists, cultural workers and neighborhood residents to connect, learn, share and engage with one another.


-Spaceworks is a shared working environment. Can the rental request exist in harmony with creatives working in our spaces?
-Does the rental request activate underutilized, off-peak* times?
-Is the proposed rental logistically possible given the limitations of the space, the resources and support available to the renter and the plan proposed?


This is not the application for rehearsal space. If you're interested in rehearsal rentals, please submit your request for a free Spaceworks Card here:

Communal Space
-Spaceworks facilities are not staffed. Rentals that require Spaceworks staff presence will incur additional fees.
-The communal spaces are shared with other creatives and renters. Renters are required to bring their own support staff and a responsible for cleaning and restoring the room after their rental.
-Some rentals require more than one space to minimize impact on other people working in the space (for example: large auditions).

Off-Peak Times
Recurring Community Access Rentals are generally available during off-peak times only.

*Peak hours: Weekdays 10am - 2pm & 6pm - 10pm; Weekends 10am - 8pm.

Please follow these instructions to submit your Community Access Rental request. We will review and respond to your request as promptly as possible, usually within 1 week.

1) Review the evaluation criteria above
2) Submit the form below and include as much information as possible. Answer 'n/a' or leave fields blank if not applicable.
3) Create a Spaceworks Account using this link:

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What is the outreach strategy for your proposed event / program? *
Who do you plan to work with and how will you reach out to them? If not applicable, write "n/a".
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Operating hours are generally 8am-12am, daily.
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Note: Spaceworks' storage capacity is limited. All equipment must be removed by the end of the rental.
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Some alternative rentals require proof of insurance.
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