The Learning Village Rules and Information

We are very excited to start the new year off under our new name and at our new location. The Learning Village will meet at 950 Shiloh Road NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144 at Towne View Baptist Church.

Here are some rules and information that will help you, your family and us to make sure everyone knows what is expected of them. Please read the information, share and discuss with your children.

Complete the short form below to agree to abide by the Learning Village rules.

* Drive to the back of the church to park.

* Enter and exit the building from the glass double doors at the fellowship hall on the back side of the building. All other doors will be locked.

* We will have signs posted listing the classes and the classrooms. All classrooms are numbered.

* Parents, students and siblings are welcome to stay in the fellowship hall during class times. However, parents are not required to stay on-site and you no longer need a PIC (Parent in Charge).

* If a child is dropped-off, please sign in with a contact name and phone number. There will be a sign-in sheet available in the fellowship hall. All students must be picked up by 3:15. There will be $20 fee for any student not picked up by 3:15.

* Students will not be escorted to classes. Families will be responsible for making sure their students go to class.

* There is no outside gathering or play allowed. (Towne View rule) Families are welcome to bring chairs/blankets to sit on the patio off the fellowship hall.

* Students must be in class or in the fellowship hall at all times. You are encouraged to bring board games, cards and other table activities to play while waiting in the fellowship hall. Please clean up after you finish playing.

* Please do not go into areas that are not approved for the Learning Village.

* The kitchen is absolutely off limits to parents, students, siblings and instructors. (Towne View rule)

* We will have coffee available in the fellowship hall. Bring your own cups.

* No nuts-peanuts or tree nuts allowed. (Learning Village rule)

* No red dye in foods or drinks allowed. (Towne View rule)

* Absolutely no food or drinks allowed in classrooms, sanctuary or hallways. All food and drinks must be kept in the fellowship hall. (Towne View rule)

* We will continue to sell drinks and snacks as a fundraiser. Donations are always welcomed! (No nuts or red dye.)

* Classrooms will need to be set up on Tuesday mornings and broken down on Thursday afternoons. Help is greatly appreciated.

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