Request for Appointments with DSA-LA Ombudspeople
Appointments with the DSA-LA Ombudspeople are available to support DSA-LA members in navigating conflict and organizational concerns. Ombudspeople actively listen to member concerns and provide members with an informal path toward the de-escalation and resolution of conflict within the DSA-LA chapter.

Thank you for taking the time to request support. Please allow up to 48 hours for an Ombudsperson to follow up with you to schedule an appointment.

Please note that appointments are available to DSA-LA members only.
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An email address (Required, but does not have to be an address we recognize. Feel free to create an email address for the purpose of managing this request.) *
Please briefly describe what you would like support with (e.g. "I need help resolving an issue with someone," or "I need help communicating with another member of DSA-LA."). Feel free to describe the incident if you would like. There's no need to provide names or go into too much detail since we will follow up with you after your request is received. Also, please note that all Ombudspeople will be able to view this information. *
The following Ombudspeople are available to provide support within appointments: Jake Lackner, Dan Louis, Emilia Barosse, Christopher Geno, and Esme Germaine Snow Choquêt Torres. If you absolutely DO NOT want one of these people to follow up with you, please select their name(s) below.
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